Natural Farming - Backyard vegetable garden

One thing we all crave is the freedom to choose what we pick and eat everyday.  I prefer the freshest vegetables and fruits from nature without any harmful chemicals or pesticides.  

When I moved to Long Island 40 years ago, the first thing I made was a  vegetable garden in the backyard.  We had to clear out 5 over-grown apple trees and make the room for vegetables.  Over the years, we made the garden completely organic and natural.  

Late August is the perfect time to sow and grow autumn vegetables.  As a  busy working mom with a tight schedule, I had to select simple vegetables that will  grow without much care.  The followings are my choices for planting seeds in late August and early September.  

Leafy greens:  many different kinds of lettuces and spinach.  Just plant the seeds and pick the greens over many months.  These will even survive the winter into early spring.

Brassicas:  kale, mustard greens, arugula, Korean cabbages, bok choy,  turnips, winter radishes, broccoli and cauliflower.