Clean Beauty - Making perfumes from flowers

Making natural perfume with flowers from nature. 

Every spring I collect the petals of my favorite flowers. 

As I have grown older, the smell of my favorite brand perfumes have become too strong for me.  I just want the simple natural fragrance of the flowers.  

The fragrance I love most, and can make simply with best results, are acacia and lily of the valley.  Both have clean sweet smell I just love.  Also, you can get these flowers easily since there are lots of acacia trees around, and many houses have lily of the valley in their backyard.  

To make the perfume, simply take the flowers off the stem and put them in a  clean glass jar.  Pour Everclear 200 proof vodka over the flowers and store in cool, dark place for at least 12 months.  Strain out the solids and store liquid in good perfume bottle.  

Lily of the valley


Acacia flowers